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Stud Cats

We choose the fathers of our kittens with great care. Above all, good health and temperament are essential, success on the show bench is desirable as it shows conformity to the approved standard of points (GCCF, TICA & FIFE).

Below are photographs and details of the Stud cats we have used to date:-

Ch Tufton Topolino
Classic Black Siver Tabby(18)

Ch Tufton Topolino(18) aka Sherman, is owned and bred by Lesley Miles. He is the nephew of my cat GrPr Tufton Bilbo Baggins. He has an excellent black/silver contrast, a short dense coat and lovely green eyes. His favorite occupation is entertaining the ladies, that is when he is not climbing trees!

GrCh Vinmar Silver Adonis (30s)
Black Silver Spotted

GrCh Vinmar Silver Adonis aka Casper is owned by Brenda Westwood of the Shadowsmine prefix. He is a beautiful Black Silver Spotted cat with a lovely short dense coat, wonderful spots and amazing green eyes.

He is a very gentle cat and enjoys head butting visitors. He has retired from showing after winning 1UkGrand Certificate and 1 ResUkGrand Certificate.

GrCh Adentesh Silver Orleando (30s) Black Silver Spotted

GrCh Adentesh Silver Orleando aka Leo is owned by Mrs Ursula Graves of Sargenta prefix. I have known Leo since he was a kitten and often went to shows with him and his owner. He had a wonderful show temperament and used to spend most of his time rolling on his back waiting for someone to tickle his tummy !!.

Silvergilts Silv Denzel Washington (30s) Black Silver Spotted

Denzel arrived in this Country in December 2006. I was immediately struck by his size!!. He is a lovely big, soppy silver spotted boy who just loves people. I was very lucky to have the opportunity to use him as a mate for my lovely silver tabby girl Shadowsmine Silva Muffin