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Grand Champion Shimmerclaw Moontyger

as I call him has had a wonderful show career to date. He made Champion in 3 shows gaining his certificates at The Caesera Cat Club (Oct 2006), The Supreme(Nov 2006) and The Southern Counties Cat Club(Jan 2007). He was just 1 year old .

He has continued his good fortune by becoming a Grand Champion before he was 16 months old. This is quite unsual for a British Shorthair as they are not considered mature until 2/3 years of age.

Res GrCh Southern British Cat Club March 2007
Gr Ch Surrey & Sussex Cat Club March 2007
Gr Ch Essex Cat Club also Best of Variety March 2007
Gr Ch Jersey Cat Club also Best of Variety April 2007

I would like to thank his judges for thinking so highly of him to award him these certificates.

Not to be left out Bilbo has now become an Imperial Grand Pemier . He was awarded his final certificate at The Southern British Cat Club Show in March 2007. In order to become an Imperial Grand he had to be awarded 5 certificates from 5 different judges, not an easy task to say the least !! He now plans to visit Cat Shows and be on Exhibition where he can indulge in his favorite occupation of eating all day and generally 'playing to the gallery'....... if you have seen Bilbo at a Show you know what I mean.