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General Information

Our kittens are born and raised indoors and are therefore used to daily life in a normal household. They listen to the radio and watch television as well as looking out of the window at the birds.

The sound of the telephone,door bell and vacuum cleaner are daily occurrences, although I have to say that some cats are apprehensive of vacuum cleaner noise even though they have been introduced to the sound at an early age.

All our cats live indoors and our kittens are used to seeing other felines!. We do not allow them to play with the other cats until they have received their vaccinations.

Kittens leave here at 13 weeks of age having completed their full course of vaccinations (this is a GCCF guideline) They receive a full health check and new owners will receive an insurance voucher with Petplan which provides 6 weeks free insurance cover.

Owners are advised to ensure that their kitten is fully insured after the initial six weeks cover. There are many companies offering pet insurance these days and owners are advised to compare policies carefully. We are always ready to offer advice.

They will be litter trained, wormed and treated for fleas.

Our Kittens will be registered with the GCCF and /or TICA on the NON-Active register. That means they should not be bred from as their progeny cannot be registered.They will have a full 5 generation pedigree (rather like a family tree), a goodybag containing samples of food and cat litter

Please note it is not our intention to sell any of our kittens for breeding except in special circumstances.