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07:09 19-Jan-2018

Imperial Grand Premier TUFTON BILBO BAGGINS (18)

Bilbo gained his Imperial Title at The Southern British Cat Show in March 2007

Best British Shorthair -----------National Cat Club 2003
Best Neuter/Best Shorthair -------The Tabby Cat Club 2004
Best British Neuter The Tabby Cat Club 2005

Many other show wins to date.

Bilbo is the most fantastic cat!!. He has a wonderful temperament and acts as uncle to the younger cats and kittens. His favorite position is lying on his back with his paws in the air, this he adopts in his show pen much to the amusement of judges and visitors alike.


R.I.P MINMOUSE 16thDecember 2007

Minstrel enjoys his forays outdoors and spends much of his time sitting in the barn waiting for a mouse to pop out of a mousehole. He is an excellent hunter.Minstrel also enjoys sleeping in a warm place, just like any other cat!


My first silver tabby!

As my husband would say 'Maxwell is a proper cat' There is nothing he enjoys more than hunting in our field and climbing the willow tree.He now spends many hours curled up fast asleep.


Megabyte is a Blue Silver Spotted Tabby cat who decided that getting up early in the morning to go to a cat show was not for him and prefered to stay at home.

He is a great climber and is often seen walking along the ridge tiles talking to the birds.He only spends short times out in the garden as he likes to be inside.