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British Shorthairs


The British Shorthair of today is a descendent of the first domestic cats thought to have been introduced into Britain by the Romans, however careful breeding since the nineteenth century has produced short-coated cats which conform to a set standard often referred to as "The Standard of Points".

British cats at their best can be described as "square". They should have short sturdy bodies, short legs, powerful shoulders and short necks.

Their heads should be broad with big round eyes and noses which are short and straight. The ears should be small and set wide apart.

In all colours the coats are short, crisp and dense and the tails thick and of medium length.

These cats come in a wide variety of colours including blue, cream, chocolate and black --- these colours are known as self's. There are tabby patterned cats, bi-coloured and torties. In addition there are also, tipped, blue creams and colourpoints to name but a few. I have included some of these examples on the photograph page.

They are known for their charming personalities and make wonderful companions.

One of the most appealing features of the British Shorthair is their built-in smile caused by their round whisker pads.

The smile is likened to Lewis Carroll's Cheshire cat who was originally a tabby British Shorthair.