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Shimmerclaw Moondaisy gave birth to 6 lovely kittens on 28th September 2007. Their father is Gr CH Vinmar Silver Adonis aka Casper who is owned by Brenda Westwood of Shadowsmine prefix. We have 5 silver spotted kittens and 1 silver tabby kitten.


We have 2 Silver Spotted Girls, 3 Silver Spotted Boys and 1 Silver Tabby Boy.

They will be ready for their new homes at the end of the year.If you are interested in one of these babies please get in touch.


All Daisy's kittens have been reserved.

Prospective owners are encouraged to visit and if deciding to reserve a kitten will be expected to pay a deposit that will only be refundable in certain circumstances.These will be made clear at the time of reservation.

New owners will be required to sign a kitten contract.